The river belongs to everyone, it is accessible to all, and permits a large number of activities. However, a few rules must be followed:

Hiking and cycling

Cyclists and hikers will rediscover the river as they walk and cycle along the banks of the Rhone and ViaRhona.

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When cycling and hiking, keep to the paths indicated and don’t venture onto the bed of the Rhone.

Swimming and nautical leisure activities

Access to some sectors of the Rhone is prohibited for safety reasons. However, there are many specially equipped leisure areas where you can practice nautical activities: pedal boating, windsurfing, rowing, canoeing-kayaking, swimming, etc.

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Obey the panels indicating the areas where swimming is prohibited, and keep an eye on children by the riverside. The danger is real.

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Never practice nautical activities outside authorised and signposted areas. Follow the instructions on the signposts.


With its islets and oxbows, the Rhone provides a huge territory for angling.

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Even in fine weather, the level of the Rhone can rise in only a few minutes. Please stay on the banks for your own safety.

River cruises and pleasure boating

CNR builds infrastructures for river tourism (landing piers, mooring points, marinas and berths). On average, between 4,000 and 5,500 boats pass through the locks of the Rhone every year.

Caution ! The facilities intended for navigation must not be used as leisure areas.

For more information about navigation conditions, you can go to the site: