On the Rhone, operating a hydropower plant and its dam requires manoeuvres that can sometimes cause the water level to rise immediately, even in fine weather.

For 24 years, CNR has conducted a summer campaign to increase awareness and provide information on the safety instructions to be followed near its hydropower facilities thanks to its mascot, Loulotte, the otter.

Three messages of caution

The risks of fast changes in the water level of the Rhone downstream of dams are real. The rules for caution that must be respected in all circumstances are the following:

An information campaign aimed at large sections of the public

This campaign, ‘’CAUTION’’ is diffused by:

  • The written press, the internet and the radio
  • Posters, flyers and objects to encourage awareness along the banks of the Rhone and at tourist sites.
  • Interventions in neighbouring primary schools
  • Relays at tourist offices, camp sites and other accommodation and leisure infrastructures.